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Expand your creativity

Every one of us has unique talents to discover and share.

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Join us on Cortes Island!

July 5-12th & July 17-24th

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Express yourself!

We thrive when we’re immersed in a community that’s alive with creativity.

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The Power of HOPE: Youth empowerment through the arts (new logo)

Collaborate across all ages and cultures

Our programs are cross-generational, immersive learning experiences that turn up creative spark and turn on confidence and community-building.

Celebrate Difference

Rapper or programmer, introvert or extrovert, we find riches when we put our skills and stories together.

Learn from Nature

Nature is filled with imagination, invention, and possibility. It needs our presence, our attention and our stewardship.

A crowd points and dances

Get involved locally and globally

Today’s challenges are too big and complex to be solved by any one generation. The world needs all of our talents more than ever.

Making lasting friendships

Be part of a worldwide network!

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