It is with deep gratitude and heavy hearts that we announce the closure of Power of Hope Canada.

We want to thank each and every youth who attended, facilitator who brought their fire, volunteer, staff, organizer, board member, and donor throughout the years, and most importantly Peggy and Charlie, who sparked this iteration of camp and tended its flame. Though the time has come to close the doors of our non-profit, please know that this work will live on. Keep your ear to the ground for new offerings that will bloom in the after.

If you have questions we’d love to answer them as best we can. We’ve brainstormed some answers for you here and if you’d like to have a further conversation please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly until the end of this year.

Thank you for your understanding, care, love, trust, and patience.

Emily & Caroline
Power of Hope Canada

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Power of Hope Canada has supported the emotional well-being of young people for over 25 years.
Through transformational empowerment camps that use arts-based activities and foster inclusion and community, youth have been uplifted and supported to express their authentic selves and connect to their potential.

Imagine an atmosphere of safety and acceptance where you can express yourself more than you ever have before. You learn that no one is without problems, and everyone has a gift. No matter what you say, what you create, what you attempt, what you’ve been through, what your deepest fears are  — it’s all accepted with total love, support and guidance. This is what Power of Hope has been all about.

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“This program really helped me learn about myself, it’s a very welcoming and accepting community. I’m blessed to have gotten this opportunity.”


“POH has been an amazing, important part of my life for the past six years. Without the support that I have received here, I’m not sure I would even be the person I am today. Through POH I have made lifelong connections and met people who have changed my life and /saved/ my life. My teenage years were difficult and POH was an amazing outlet that I wouldn’t find anywhere else in my life.”


“This camp has the power to change lives.”


“POH creates an amazing and loving space where youth and facilitators alike have the opportunity to learn and grow as people. There is no way to capture the energy that is produced here into words. It is one of the realest things I have ever experienced.”


“Everyone was kind, respectful, and amazing. Everyone was so supportive. It’s a space to truly express myself.”