Wondering what to bring to camp? Here’s a list of items to consider bringing with you. Please do try to pack light, as you will need to be able to carry everything to your campsites.


– Tent if you have one (the bigger the better)*
– Sleeping bag and pillow*
– Sleeping pad*
– Water bottle
– Casual summer clothing
– One change of ‘nice clothes’ for evening event
– Warm clothes for evenings outdoors
– Personal toiletries
– Sunblock and hat
– Flashlight
– Towel
– Bathing suit
– Durable shoes for trails or wet grass
– Light rain gear
– Insect repellent (Citronella is best)
– Slippers/heavy socks for indoor areas

*Camp has limited extras, but please bring these items if you have them.

Youth are responsible for the items they bring, and should not bring any valuables that may get lost. Please label larger items such as towel, sleeping bag, etc.

We welcome art supplies (like special paints or pencils you like to use), poems or other readings you might like to share, musical or percussion instruments, wild costumes etc. (you never know what might come in handy) .

Please leave your iPod, phones and other electronic gear at home; again, if you would like to have it for the journey to and from camp please give it to the camp manager at the beginning of camp to keep in the safe onsite. We’ll have cameras available for shared use. Photos will be uploaded to a shared site after camp.

Wondering why no electronics?
Our days and nights will be jam packed with real life in-person connection. We don’t have cell service or wifi on site anyway, so electronics will be mostly useless.