Find out what camp is like

“It’s not just a summer camp where we go swimming and do arts and crafts. We do those things but we also build a community where we feel safe and supported. We open our minds and hearts to new experiences and new people. It’s incredible.”


“A very important thing I learned at POH is that everyone has the power to make change.”


“All the support and acceptance towards each other was magical.”


Join POH’s Core Support Circle – Camper Quinn from Millman Media on Vimeo.

“It is a week of respect, self-love and learning to navigate this complicated society.”


“This is the most amazing and eye-opening experience that allows any person to connect and come out of their shell, allowing them to step into their power and become more true to themselves.”


“Power of Hope is an amazing, beautiful camp with loads of powerfully supportive people where you can share your stories and hear others’.”


“You feel safe and meet the coolest people and are able to get in touch with your inner self.”


“The biggest thing for me at POH was watching the people around me blossom.”


“No other camp encourages creativity, individuality, diversity and connection. This camp has been a guide to loving and accepting myself and others. I’ve grown and learned from the beautiful people in the community. We work together to create a supportive and open environment, we learn to respect and embrace difference. Power of Hope has changed my life forever in the most positive way and I am eternally grateful.”


“POH gave me the opportunity to explore who I am and what I want out of my life, while making friends who will help you get where you want.”


“This program helped save my life, and the lives of some of my friends. It is the greatest, most unique and life-changing experience I’ve ever had. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it happens every year.”


“It is a microsociety based on admirable ideals that provides healing, support, and values the display of creativity as well as vulnerability.”


“Light the fire is an extraordinary program that transforms many young lives positively and encourages empowerment, kindness, and self-love through creativity.”


“POH has the potential to change the lives of youth in ways that western culture has not accomplished on a large scale.”


“POH has changed so many lives and is a really important thing for youth to have. This needs to be more known about and have more opportunities because of how important it is.”


“There isn’t a word in any language that can do it justice.”


Join POH’s Core Support Circle – Camper Bella from Millman Media on Vimeo.

“I learned to believe in myself even at the worst of times.”


“I don’t know where I’d be without Power of Hope. It’s had such a positive impact on my life.”


“I’ve found who I wanted to be.”


“I will think differently and appreciate the earth and everyone on it.”


Join POH’s Core Support Circle – Zilla Igor from Millman Media on Vimeo.

“You’ll have these relationships with people that, even if you don’t see them again, you know you have this connection to this other person. And you have this connection with like 80 people.”


“POH is the most amazing place for a youth to feel comfortable as themselves and find their true interests.”


“I loved how inclusive, loving and focused on self-growth this program was.”


“I liked being so open with all the people and feeling okay to be vulnerable.”


Join POH’s Core Support Circle – Zilla Kate from Millman Media on Vimeo.

“If you want to make connections, [and] embrace who you and others are, this is the camp for you.”


“You meet strangers who become family and leave with a real support system and accepting community”


“Attending or supporting PoH is something that you would never regret. This community has been a space for me to connect to myself, people who hold different perspectives, explore my creative side, be vulnerable, and feel the love that comes from connections to people and the land. I love PoH with all of my heart and look forward to it every summer. It has brought so much power and light to my life and helped me find the tools to step into my power and create change in the world.”


“This program helped me open up and understand myself better”